East Bay Frozen Sandbar

One of my favourite places on earth is my grandparents summer home in East Bay. I spent summers there as a kid, and continue to go there as much as I can every summer. That being said, I haven’t spent much time there in the winter months. It’s always fun when we do go out in the winter, and today was no exception. While we didn’t go to the cottage, Lauren and I took a surprise trip to the Easy Bay sandbar today for some fresh air.


It was cold, Lauren didn’t have a proper jacket, and it was a quick trip but it was so great to get some fresh air by the (very frozen) water. It’s always sketchy stepping out on the water when it’s frozen here. Tidal water can shift quickly, so while it can be frozen solid one day, the ice could be gone the next. Today it was frozen solid and easy to walk on. I’m sure I could have walked or skated across half the Bras D’or lakes if I had the time. I was content to go out a few meters and pose for a picture.


The light snowfall made for some great pictures. I didn’t actually realize the camera captured the snowfall until we got home and looked the the pictures on a bigger screen.


I can’t wait for the summer, but I have to keep in mind that we can still have some fun adventures in the colder months.

Mark Carabin