Floor Kids Review for Nintendo Switch

Floor Kids, produced by MERJ Media, with graphics by JonJon and beats by Kid Koala, is one of the coolest, most unique video games I’ve played in a long time. A cool new rhythm game with a little fighting game flavour thrown in for good measure, Floor Kids will have you tapping along with the beat in no time, but sinking hours and hours in to the game to perfect your freestyle moves. 

With a price point of $19.90, Floor Kids kicks you in the face with it’s bboy personality before you even take out your credit card. From a hand drawn sketch art style to the awesome soundtrack, the game is clearly a labour of love from people that love hip hop, breakdancing battles, and sweet sweet style. In case you couldn’t guess, I have about as much natural dance talent as an intoxicated giraffe, but jumping in to this game made me feel like I could battle with the best and hold my own after just a few 2 minute tracks. Like the best rhythm and fighting games, you could mash buttons to the beat and squeeze by with a few stars in each of the unique and fun levels, but the real meat of the game comes from learning combos, stringing them together, adding your own personal style and flare, and making each performance better than the last. The audience in each stage gets in to it if you’re doing a great job, and will cheer and throw out recommendations to earn you extra points, but aside from that, you’re on your own to let the music speak to you. 


It shouldn’t take more than a few hours to unlock most of the stages and characters in the single player mode, but like most rhythm and music games, the hours you put in to this game will be when you go back to 5 star each stage, building up your skills for the incredibly fun multiplayer mode, where opponents face off and take turns throwing down their best combos, just like a real breakdance battle. 

You don’t need to know a thing about breakdancing, bboys and bgirls, or hip hop to appreciate Floor Kids. It’s a unique experience that’s perfectly at home on the Switch, and similar to how guitar hero left you thinking you could suddenly shred on an axe, letting yourself get sucked to Floor Kids world will have you bouncing around your house to the beats and dancing like a white girl at a Christmas party long after you put down the JoyCon. Speaking of JoyCon, the game makes great use of HD Rumble, which is evident from the opening menu.


I highly recommend this game for rhythm fans, music fans, and even fighting game fans looking for a new place to practice their combo strings. It helps, for me, that it was made in Montreal by an awesome team of fellow CaNERDians, but I have no doubt this game can be enjoyed by people all over the world. 

Warp Whistle Gaming gives Floor Kids an 8.6 out of 10. 

Mark Carabin